A Five Year Anniversary in Vermont & Stratton Mountain

When your anniversary falls just two weeks shy of the holidays, planning a romantic getaway can become a costly venture.  Typically, Ryan and I will wait until the new year, when prices come back down to a normal rate, to take a celebratory trip.  This year, however, was our five year anniversary, and we simply … Continue Reading

How to Spend Seven Days in Iceland

After booking round trip tickets from New York to Iceland, it was time for Ryan and I to begin planning our vacation.  We had seven days, and no idea where to start. My initial thought was to drive the Ring Road and experience everything Iceland has to offer.  However, after further research, I realized we … Continue Reading

Finding Peace of Mind in New Jersey: SoJo Spa Club

As a Manhattanite, I never thought I’d hear the following words escape my lips: New Jersey’s where it’s at.  Turns out, I was wrong.  I used to subscribe to the idea that when it comes to spas, there’s no place like Manhattan. However, during a recent visit to re-imagined Korean bath house, SoJo Spa Club, … Continue Reading

Afternoon Tea at The Plaza Hotel

In my book, birthdays are a huge deal.  Big birthdays, you know, the kind where your age ends in a 0 or a 5, must be celebrated, commemorated and completely unforgettable.  Recently, one of my best friends, Heather, had a big birthday (while I won’t divulge her age, the number now ends in a 0 … Continue Reading

Travel Diaries: San Francisco

To celebrate my brother, Zack’s, 35th birthday, my family decided to take him to the one place he’s always wanted to go: San Francisco.  I never quite understood his obsession. Having previously visited San Fran, this New Yorker couldn’t grasp what the big deal was. I mean, it’s just another city.  Right?  Wrong. Unlike other … Continue Reading

24 Hours: New Hope, PA

A little over five years ago, Ryan suddenly pulled over to the side of the road, parking in a deserted field of grass.  With a sense of urgency, he swiftly exited the car while I sat in the passenger seat, concerned we were experiencing a muffler problem (is that a thing?). The next thing I … Continue Reading

Charleston for First-Timers

Summer is for sunning at the beach, traveling, romantic sunsets and all-around relaxation.  This summer, however, was my busiest yet.  With little time to enjoy the perks that come with summer’s sunshine, I thought the season would be lost on me completely.  However, when Ryan and I miraculously found time to take a long weekend … Continue Reading

How to Spend Memorial Day Weekend in NYC

Years ago, when summer vacation was simply that, Memorial Day Weekend wasn’t just a long weekend.  Instead, it was the intoxicating start to a stress free week of countless adventures and fun-filled exploits.  College dismissed for the summer, Ryan and I would zip away to Cape Cod, enjoying long rides up the coast, soaking in the sun on the beach, … Continue Reading

Top Travel Destinations of 2017

It’s been about a month since I’ve hopped on a plane and about four months since I’ve left the country.  As an adventurous wanderluster, I am getting antsy.  Discovering new countries, cultures and people is one of my greatest joys in life, probably driven by my professional experiences as a journalist.  While I currently have my … Continue Reading

24 Hours: Napa Valley, California

On a recent trip to the San Francisco Bay Area, I had the opportunity to spend 24 hours in Napa Valley. Obviously, I jumped on that opportunity, and now I’m here to tell you all about it! Visiting with friends and their three-month old baby (who by the way is the cutest thing on earth), … Continue Reading