What’s An Award Show Without Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift, the 24-year-old mega star, might be the most fun person to watch at any award show.  While her onstage performances are usually great, she is usually even more fun as an ever-present audience member.  Below, our favorite T-Swizzle Moments of the 2014 Grammys. 1. The Head Bang Hair Flip https://31.media.tumblr.com/cc3ce8cc3c278da500e4a3ad48a5fce1/tumblr_n02i2p7KBN1qzzn7yo1_500.gif   2. The … Continue Reading

The Grammys: 3 Noteworthy Performances

The Grammy Awards have taken a massive shift in its 56 year life.   Most telecasts of this caliber stay true to their purpose – presenting awards to honor those with enormous talent, creative depth and devotion to their art.  Last night’s 3.5 hour broadcast, however, was less of a show granting accolades and more … Continue Reading

Golden Globes: 3 Memorable Moments

Last night’s Golden Globe Awards captivated audiences from all walks of life.  While I watched the famed award show, I couldn’t help but laugh and cry with Hollywood’s finest.  I cheered when Emma Thompson drunkenly cursed her bloody Louboutin’s, I screamed when Jennifer Lawrence (my personal fav) was yet again honored for her incredible talent, … Continue Reading

Holy Yeezus Christ

If Kanye West is looking for attention, whether positive or negative, while in pursuit of promoting his upcoming album, he has certainly succeeded.  Success is a term Kanye is familiar with.  In fact, I’m sure if you asked him, the pure meaning of the word would be defined simply by two words: his first name … Continue Reading

Hugh Jackman: The Total Package

As the release of Les Miserables is quickly approaching on Christmas Day, the more we’re seeing some of our favorite actors on press tours.  Hugh Jackman was recently featured on 60 Minutes.  The interview was not so cookie cutter, though.  Jackman not only talks up the film he is there to promote, but also he … Continue Reading

Miley Cyrus Releases New Song

In “Decisions” by Miley Cyrus and Borgore, Miley decided to be … weird.  But strangely enough, the song is pretty catchy.  Check out the new music by the girl who just can’t be tamed!

Calling All E.T. Fans!

Watch Henry Thomas kill it in his audition for the legendary film, E.T. Boy, this brings back memories.  It’s been while.  E.T. phone home!