What’s An Award Show Without Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift, the 24-year-old mega star, might be the most fun person to watch at any award show.  While her onstage performances are usually great, she is usually even more fun as an ever-present audience member.  Below, our favorite T-Swizzle Moments of the 2014 Grammys. 1. The Head Bang Hair Flip https://31.media.tumblr.com/cc3ce8cc3c278da500e4a3ad48a5fce1/tumblr_n02i2p7KBN1qzzn7yo1_500.gif   2. The … Continue Reading

The Grammys: 3 Noteworthy Performances

The Grammy Awards have taken a massive shift in its 56 year life.   Most telecasts of this caliber stay true to their purpose – presenting awards to honor those with enormous talent, creative depth and devotion to their art.  Last night’s 3.5 hour broadcast, however, was less of a show granting accolades and more … Continue Reading

Golden Globes: 3 Memorable Moments

Last night’s Golden Globe Awards captivated audiences from all walks of life.  While I watched the famed award show, I couldn’t help but laugh and cry with Hollywood’s finest.  I cheered when Emma Thompson drunkenly cursed her bloody Louboutin’s, I screamed when Jennifer Lawrence (my personal fav) was yet again honored for her incredible talent, … Continue Reading

Celebs Who Fled Scientology

Since the divorce of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, Scientology has become an increasingly popular subject of conversation.  Many have come out demonizing the church and exposing its inhumane treatment of devotees. Below is a list of celebs who were able to flee from the confines of the church! 1. Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise. … Continue Reading

Bryan Cranston Can Really Cook Meth

Some people are method actors.  It appears Bryan Cranston is a meth-amphetamine actor! To prepare for his role on “Breaking Bad” as a chemistry teacher turned meth cooker, Bryan Cranston was professionally trained in preparing and cooking high quality meth.  Who were his teachers you might ask?  DEA Chemists! Cranston said: “We were taught how … Continue Reading

Celebrities & The Subway

Apparently we live in a new day and age.  It seems the past year was the year celebrities chose to give up their private car services to live like the real people of New York.  Instead of a smooth ride above ground, these celebs decided to navigate the city on the nitty-gritty subway rail.  There are rats down there … Continue Reading

Breaking Amish: Fake?

TLC’s rather new “reality” series, “Breaking Amish,” has been receiving a great deal of flak for being fake.  Here’s the buzz – the 5 cast members left their Amish communities long before being approached by TLC.  Rumors are swirling that Jeremiah, Amish bad boy, has been arrested for domestic violence and is being portrayed as a single, … Continue Reading

Modern Family: The Genius Plays an Idiot

  Modern Family star, 13-year-old, Nolan Gould, just graduated high school!  Yes you heard that right.  13-year-old high school graduate and Emmy Award winning television star is a genius with an IQ tested at 140. When I was 13, I was planning my Bat Mitzvah and stuffing my training bra with socks… So what’s next for … Continue Reading

Nicki Vs Mariah? Stevie Vs Nicki? Feud Season Has Arrived!

Nicki Minaj isn’t the only one with claws.  News recently broke that Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey’s “American Idol”feud came to a head when Minaj lost her temper and allegedly yelled, “If I had a gun, I would shoot the b****.”  Apparently, Carey sat in her judges chair and took it all in stride.  But, when Mariah Carey appeared on … Continue Reading