Kanye West vs. Taylor Swift – A Win For Both!

The Kanye West / Taylor Swift feud may have been fueled at the 2009 MTV VMA’s when Kanye rudely interrupted Taylor’s Video of the Year acceptance speech. However, it appears these two adversaries may actually make a magical musical duo. Check out the mash-up below. Have fun!

Could the Starbucks Diet be the Next Weight Watchers?

The Starbucks Diet. Haven’t heard of it?  Well, you’re not alone.  However, Christina Hall of Alexandria, VA, found great success eating solely at the popular coffee chain. The 66 year old woman lost a total of 85 pounds over a 2 year span.  Her diet consisted of black coffee and oatmeal for breakfast, and assorted … Continue Reading

From Clutch to Crutch

Was Carrie Bradshaw ever bound by crutches?  I can’t recall, but hopefully I’d make her proud!  After a dance injury, wrapped in bandages and hobbling down New York City streets, I had a commitment to attend my close friend’s birthday party at trendy downtown restaurant Perry St.  Despite the pain and inconvenience, I strapped on … Continue Reading