Last night’s Golden Globe Awards captivated audiences from all walks of life.  While I watched the famed award show, I couldn’t help but laugh and cry with Hollywood’s finest.  I cheered when Emma Thompson drunkenly cursed her bloody Louboutin’s, I screamed when Jennifer Lawrence (my personal fav) was yet again honored for her incredible talent, and I smiled with bittersweet pride when Aaron Paul uttered his very last “Yeah, Bitch!”

While it would take all day and 30 pages to describe my feelings of last night’s show, I have decided instead to discuss 3 memorable moments.

1. Girl Knows How to Stand

Kate Beckinsale, a presenter at last night’s Globes, proved to be perfection as she outshined her nominated peers.  Not only was her dress gorgeous, but her body looked like a flawless hourglass of decades past.  It appears that the skinny actress strategically crossed her legs to achieve that deliciously curvy look.  I’ll be practicing in the mirror.  Thanks, Kate!


2. Girl Must Have Lost a Bet

Paula Patton.  Oh, Paula Patton.  Why?  I could barely sleep last night, but when I did, I was bombarded by nightmares of the abominable snowman known as PP.  I’m pretty sure she was hiding hubby Robin Thicke in that ruffle somewhere.  Regardless, if I had to guess, I’d say she was seeing blurred lines when she tried that dress on (see what I did there?).


3. Alex Ebert, Take Us Home

Ok, this one is not inspired by fashion, but instead motivated by music.  While announcing the nominees for Best Original Score, I could not help but pray for an Alex Ebert win.  To me, he is an artist in every sense of the word.  Diddy might have tried to encroach on his big moment but Ebert stole back the show with his emphatically poetic acceptance speech.  He said, “even the most deft pen is a clumsy tool.”  No need to shower, Alex, just keep writing, keep singing, and keep taking us Home!




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