Color blocking is one of the hottest trends happening in fashion, but it’s important to know how to properly embrace the magic of the rainbow.  No one wants to look like they fell out of a 1990s time warp!

There are a couple of ways to embrace color blocking. For beginners, start with a neutral base, from there add in a big and bold color that will naturally pop.  Mix in a couple of accessories that compliment both your neutral and vibrant color.
Already feeling ready to make a statement? Well, forget all the rules your mother taught you about “matching” when you were a child.  Go ahead and find two, three or even four pieces that “clash” or mismatch just enough to make your outfit look planned and well thought out.
Fellow the Fashionistas out there know what I’m talking about.  Instagrammers around the globe are seen brightening their ensembles with dynamic shades of complimentary or contrasting colors for a look that is nice, neat and NOW.

Vanessa |@vanessa_zaree | London via Spain 


Spanish Londoner, Vanessa, works as a freelance fashion copywriter and runs the fabulous blog,  And, when it comes to color blocking, Vanessa might just be the Queen!  Pictured above, Vanessa combines a beautiful and bold mint Zara coat with pink shoes and a pink bag.  Making color blocking easy, Vanessa finds colors with the same level of brightness.
Try to compare two different colours from each end of the spectrum, and if you’re unsure, the easy way to do colour blocking is with accessories, kind of like how I did with this outfit. Also colour blocking isn’t just about mixing acid brights – it can look so pretty and elegant when done with pastel hues.  As for colour blocking no no’s, it’s really up to personal taste – I personally wouldn’t do red and yellow, or bright yellow and bright green! But each to their own.
Instagram has proved to be an asset for Vanessa as it “is one of fashion’s most powerful tools.” Her followers mean so much to her and she wants to share more with them.  She is a very visual person with an art degree and an eye for photography… she even makes greeting cards!  As an eloquent storyteller and talented artist, we may have another Coco Chanel on our hands – especially when she says things like this… “I truly believe that travel is what completes us. That, and a great pair of shoes” … and The Eden Edition couldn’t agree more!
Laura |@onestreetstyle | Germany
Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 7.37.57 PM
In 2014 when Laura was sick and bored she decided to set up an Instagram account, but she had no idea the success it would bring her.  A fan of Calvin Klein, Prada and Michael Kors, Laura loves dark clothes mixed with white pieces.  To spice up a basic ensemble, this young fashionista recommends matching a white/black outfit with a pink Prada bag and pink pumps.  And when it comes to color blocking, Laura hates too many colors.  She believes 3-4 different colors are okay with her favorites for blocking being pink, blue or mint.  When Laura is not working on her blog,, she can be found  working for the online fashion store, Sodafirm, with Starbucks in hand, of course!  Laura dreams of building a career in the fashion industry, and we have no doubt we will see her at future NYFW’s!
Now that you know the ins and outs of color blocking, it’s time to get to it!  Let us know how it goes!
Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 3.40.58 PM



Great post! Awesome shoutout to the other bloggers…does it have to be bright pinks, blues or can u color block with silver or gold ???

Naomi of


Thank you! Of course you can color block with gold and silver. Often times they compliment each other nicely. A lot of designers are putting both silver and gold elements into their accessories. Check out this dress!

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