As a lifelong New Yorker I am supposed to subscribe to the ethnocentric idea that there is no city on earth that compares to the city that never sleeps.  In my early twenties however, I spent a brief period of time living in London.  The Old Smoke entered my lungs and nearly a decade later, a small piece of London still lives within me.  The history, the art, the beauty and the strong sense of tradition instilled within Brits is unlike anything I have ever seen.

Keeping history and tradition in fashion alive and well is Allon Zloof, a man to whom I believe has earned the moniker, The Modern Milliner.  In 2013, Zloof, who stems from generations of designer hat-makers, revived the centuries-old business, Tom Smarte, bringing fine British hat design into the 21st Century.


From the heart of London, Tom Smarte creates urban hats for a cosmopolitan look.  
From Savile Row to Hoxton, Tom Smarte’s English hats style travels well and is equally at home in Paris, Tokyo and New York.

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As a testament to the pure craftsmanship that goes into Tom Smarte hat design, I recently took one of my perfect fedoras for a lengthy bike ride from Manhattan’s picturesque Upper West Side to its ultra-trendy Meat Packing District.  It was a particularly windy day as I rode my fixed-gear beach cruiser along Riverside Park’s visually stunning waterfront.  With this kind of weather, I would typically be holding on to my hat (pun intended!) with great fear that my headpiece would soon be floating down the Hudson River.  However, my Tom Smarte fedora did not budge as its design and fit is so refined and well perfected..

Allon Zloof’s enormous passion for preserving only the finest hat making skills and traditions are what makes Tom Smarte products so special.  While the brand gears toward men, I firmly believe these marvelous hats are perfect for women as well.  Allon couldn’t agree more, even his wife often wears his perfectly fitting Tom Smarte hats!
Be sure to visit to get a hat of your very own!
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