Q&Q SmileSolar is an amazing brand that combines their passions for innovation and global happiness to create products that are loved by many.

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By using recycled materials, Q&Q SmileSolar develops well designed watches that are completely solar powered.  Say goodbye to changing your watch batteries.  So long as you have access to an hour of sunlight, you’ll have 3 months worth of power.

By changing light into energy, the watch needs no battery replacement, making it a green option for all.

My husband and I recently wore our Q&Q SmileSolar watches on a recent trip to Bermuda.  These water resistant watches were perfect for all of our aquatic adventures in paradise!

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Q&Q SmileSolar is on a mission to create moments of happiness to the world.  One way they do this is by supporting people by making donations.  When anyone purchases a Q&Q SmileSolar watch, a portion of the proceeds is donated for TABLE FOR TWO to deliver school meals to children in Africa.

Being able to own a great timepiece at an even better price, while also being able to help people around the world, puts Q&Q SmileSolar on my favorites list!

Get your own at Store.Smile-QQ.com.


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