How about 18 of them?

Turns out 18 human heads were seized at O’Hara International Airport in Chicago, not because the human heads were flying across the atlantic, but instead because of incomplete paperwork.  What?

The 18 Heads flew from Rome aboard Lufthansa and landed in Chi-Town for cremation, but no one seemed to know where they were headed from there (see what I did there?).

 Because of the confusion, the medical examiner’s office has been holding the skulls, brains, and scalps hostage since the week before Christmas.  Imagine unwrapping that on Christmas morning!

I could just imagine flying home from Rome after a lovely holiday abroad to find chopped off heads falling out of the overhead compartment.  Maybe Samuel L. Jackson will star in the film adaptation, Heads On a Plane.

Luckily, a local company came forward today as the intended recipient of the shipment.  Guess they were playing too much Cranium to realize their large shipment was nearly a month delayed.

How well do you know your own head?  Find out below.


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What the fuck.

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