As a 31-year-old woman, the assumption would be that all of my friends have husbands, wives and kids… basically living “The American Dream.” Well, it seems like the dream has changed a bit, and we’re all trying to hold on to our youth for just a bit longer.

So, I suppose it was only a matter of time until one of my best friends got knocked up (on purpose, of course).  While building our friendship in New York City, Chanel and her hubby, Kenney, decided to pick up and move to California… without consulting me first.  One thing to know about me?  I forgive.  But I never forget!

For the past few years I have been sending my favorite couple job applications and incentives to bring them back to New York, to no avail.  So, as the first Group baby (yes, I believe this baby belongs to the group), is due in just 9 days, I have compiled a list of gifts for our favorite newborns.  This list is not for the parents – it’s not to make their lives easier – it doesn’t include strollers and bibs.  No, this list is purely for what we really want to get our friends’ babies – the fun stuff!

Find my favorites below:


Kenney and Chanel are a total DIY couple – they need their own show on HGTV.  From building tables and customized closets to hanging light fixtures and painting (within two weeks of due date), this duo likes to try everything themselves – Kenney even built their wedding website from scratch.  So the following gift only seems fitting – HTML for Babies: It’s never too early to be standards compliant! This book will show our little guy HTML markup code along with letter forms to get him started on the visual patterns and symbols that make up the essential building blocks of the Web.  This is going to be a smart baby.  Guaranteed. Hopefully he’ll make his honorary Auntie Shelby a very rich woman!


Kenney is a huge Lakers fan, and for a while we feared he would insist on naming his son, Kobe.  Luckily we know the name and are in the clear! Kenney is also a big fan of Nike, having an impressive collection of athletic kicks himself.  I’m a fashion gal. And nothing gets me like those little tiny shoes.  I sometimes consider having a baby just to buy those shoes teeny tiny shoes that fit in the palm of my hand.  Anyway, this California baby boy obviously needs to be stylin’.  Air Jordans? Definitely the answer. I love this Retro pair, and the gift pack also comes with a hat.  For $50, how could you possibly go wrong?

mason-bottle_cap-on-duo-smaller_grandeThis next one is super hipster, and I kind of love it.  The Mason Bottle.  Kenney and Chanel had mason jars at their Californian barn wedding (#amazing).  The mason jars not only filled our bellies with Thai Iced Tea, but they also filled our suitcases as we brought them home to New York.  Clearly this baby needs a mason jar too! The product is  made of  naturally BPA-free materials (apparently very important), and the Mason Bottle’s wide natural nipple shape makes transitioning between breast and bottle a breeze for baby.

il_570xn-587681462_bg5kOk, we’re going back to shoes.  This present is more for me than for the parents, or even the baby.  I’m obsessed with sushi. I could eat it, happily, for every meal. Additionally, fortune cookies are my favorite part of Chinese takeout.  I’ve even considered becoming a fortune cookie writer!  And plus, when it comes down to it, is there really anything better than dinner and dessert?  Yes, this soon to be baby boy is Asian, but he is not Japanese, and he is not Chinese. Nevertheless, the following gift is simply a must.  Fortune Cookie Baby Booties and Sushibooties make the perfect, personalized gift.  Both Sets come packaged in To-go boxes with ribbon ready for gift giving.  Furthermore, the types of sushi and the fortunes on the cookies are all customizable!  Do they make these in adult sizes? Sign me up!


The Mustachifier, for the new man in your life, is a necessity.  I freaking love this pacifier, it’s too cute and if Kenney and Chanel don’t like it, they’re wrong and I’m buying it for their son anyway!  The funky pacifier is 100% BPA-free and features orthodontic nipple design, and a silicone nipple.  It’s adorable, and a must-have.


Any cool kids needs a pair of sick-ass sunnies to go along with his too cool for school look.  Baby Opticals allow babies to enjoy and explore the big, bright world while keeping their eyes safe and sound. These glasses are perfect for the burgeoning hipster baby.  Aren’t these yellow ones awesome?  And will go so well with his Mustachifier!


And finally, this is my ultimate gift.  My favorite of all.  As a huge fan of Wes Anderson and The Royal Tenenbaums, nothing screams family love and devotion like matching track suits.  Not only is this a fun and funny gift, but it also makes sense.  Kenney and Chanel are both marathon runners.  They need to start training this kid early! The Red Adidas Tracksuit is the perfect start for the entire family to hit the gym together.  Matching, of course.


What are some of your favorite gifts for expecting parents?  Would love to hear from you!!


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Terrific article, Shelby. I absolutely love the BPA free products, especially for baby bottles that might be sitting around filled with milk or eventually water. Pacifier too. HTML for babies?! I love and hate it so the mean answer is like it lol. Thank you for this piece. It was serious, well written, funny, informative, and endearing. And don’t you dare think I missed that beautiful piece of alliteration in the baby bottle paragraph. Again, simply terrific.

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