I’m a daddy’s girl.  The youngest of three, and his only daughter, our bond is unbreakable.  When I was born, he was in shock, fearing his new son was missing an essential body part. As he quickly realized his baby boy was actually a girl, he cried, tears of joy, of course.  As a colicky baby, my father held me close to his chest each evening, pacing back and forth in our apartment until the wee hours of the morning.  To this day, when I am upset, anxious or having a complete mental breakdown, a tight hug from my father, my ear pressed gently against his beating heart, is one of the few things that can calm me down quickly.  When Father’s Day rolls around, as it does every year, there is nothing I want more than to show my dad how much he truly means to me.  I always start off with a card including a lengthy, hand-written note. These notes are probably the only thing he truly wants on Father’s Day… well, that and a grandchild.  Unfortunately for him, he won’t be getting that present this year.  Still, I like to give him a physical gift, and this year I need to come up with something … and fast.


1. Outdoor Movie Screen – My parents basically live on their back deck during the summer.  They also watch a lot of movies.  An outdoor movie screen is a perfect way for them to enjoy films under the stars!  2. Fire Pit – There’s nothing like sitting around the fire after a summer BBQ.  Dad will enjoy roasting marshmallows with you and laughing all night surrounded by the warm flames.  3. Barnes & Noble Gift Card – My father reads more than anyone I know.  He usually reads three to four books at a time, so getting him a gift card for the books of his choosing is a definite hit.  4. Google Home – My dad is all about new technology.  Yours might be, too!  Surprise Dad with a Google Home so he can use voice commands to enjoy music, get answers from Google and manage everyday tasks.  5. Retro Malt & Milkshake Mixer – It’s a miracle my father isn’t diabetic.  He lives on sugar, eating cookies for breakfast and enjoying milkshakes at lunch.  He will absolutely love this Cuisinart Classic Drink Mixer.  It has an iconic look and can crush ice, mix batters, beat eggs, even whip cream! 

I can’t wait to show my father some love this weekend.  Do you have any last minute Father’s Day suggestions?  


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