Eden’s Digest: Girls and The Asshole. Can He Be Changed?

Girls fall for the asshole.  It’s a proven fact.  But why? A friend of mine, a self-proclaimed asshole, recently sent me an article explaining why single men often act like jerks. The article stated things like: “Men should be confident… always looking for way to increase their status as an alpha male. In order for … Continue Reading

Eden’s Digest: Friday Night Bar Fights

On a typical Friday evening I pack my things and leave work with a smile on my face and a skip in my step.  It’s the weekend.  Amen!  I take the subway up to my apartment where Ryan, my lovely boyfriend, is waiting for me.  We take it easy, have a drink, go out for … Continue Reading

Eden’s Digest: When It Rains, It Pours

It’s raining.  It’s pouring.  And this girl was snoring.  For way too long.  On a work day.  Ok, it’s 9:30.  So I’ll be a little late for work, no big deal.  I throw on a chunky sweater as I sweep my hair into a side braid and plop a loose green beret on top.  Attempting any … Continue Reading

From Clutch to Crutch

Was Carrie Bradshaw ever bound by crutches?  I can’t recall, but hopefully I’d make her proud!  After a dance injury, wrapped in bandages and hobbling down New York City streets, I had a commitment to attend my close friend’s birthday party at trendy downtown restaurant Perry St.  Despite the pain and inconvenience, I strapped on … Continue Reading


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