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Meet Shelby Eden, TV & Digital Media Producer

October 21, 2016

Meet Shelby Eden, TV & Digital Media Producer

Name: Shelby Eden

Age: 31

Occupation: TV & Digital Media Producer

Education: Syracuse University (S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications)

Meet Shelby Eden! She is a TV Writer-Producer in New York City, blogger, and globe-trotter. Shelby spends her time creating content for network and cable television, alongside both in-house and third party production companies.  She is an award winning Short Film Producer and has an incredible blog called The Eden Edition that allows her to have a creative outlet outside of work. Shelby couldn’t be a better trailblazer lady for our Holly & Tanager Trailblazer blog series.

What is your current position?

Outside of blogging, I am a TV Writer-Producer in New York City.  My life can be a little bit of a whirlwind as I am constantly traveling and interviewing people from all walks of life.  I am truly passionate about meeting interesting people and sharing their stories with the world.  From Holocaust survivors and refugees from the Middle East to Navy Seals, and even Captain Phillips, I am on a mission to document real stories that should never be forgotten.

I am an avid reader, a Netflix binge-watcher, an enthusiastic sushi eater, a shy songwriter, a lifelong dancer and, of course, a savvy shopper!

Tell us about The Eden Edition and how you got started.

I started The Eden Edition in 2012 mostly because I needed a creative outlet.  While I was working my way up in the television and media world, my work was not under my sole creative control.  While I couldn’t automatically become a powerful producer, I knew there was something I could do to quench my extraordinary thirst to create something, anything, that was purely me.

As The Eden Edition developed over the years, I began to incorporate my experience producing fashion and lifestyle segments for television networks and digital outlets into my writing, giving fashionistas, design addicts, and globe-trotters alike a place to read about amazing finds, upcoming trends, inspiring design, as well as a variety of personal essays.

What did you dream about being as a little kid?

My parents raised me to believe that I could accomplish anything I want in life and it was up to me to make any dream come true.  So, of course I was determined to become a rock star, a famed ballerina, a doctor, a writer, an Oscar winner, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, a National Geographic photographer, an author, and Oprah, obviously.

Who is your role model and why?

My role model is my late grandmother, Leona, whose grandchildren affectionately called Loni.  She was a stunning woman, a beautiful dresser, an awe-inspiring writer and a loving, intelligent human being.  She stressed the importance of education and hard work with ditties like, “Gold and silver will fade away, but your education will never decay.”

As a “child of the depression,” Loni grew up with little money.  Each school year she would be given a small stipend for clothes and instead of buying a variety of outfits, she would buy one beautiful dress, teaching me the importance of quality over quantity.

Loni met her soulmate, my grandfather, when she was 15 years old.  Together they built a thriving business and a loving family, which taught me that anything was possible.  All I had to do was work hard and remain determined in order to build a beautiful life for myself.  Like Loni did, I married my best friend, and together, my husband and I are building a life we are, so far, very proud of.

If you gave advice to your 10-year-old self, what would it be?

The only person you ever need to impress is yourself.

If you could have any super hero power what would it be? 

Mind Reading (Both humans and animals)

What essential items do you always carry with you in your work purse?

My work purse is filled with the following essential items: chapstick (my lips are perpetually dry) , gum (gotta kill that coffee breath) , Advil (staring at a computer for too long will give me a killer headache), my MetroCard (girl can’t afford too many NYC cab rides!), my inhaler (asthma, ugh), a printed scarf (my office is always freezing) and my favorite Fresh Sugar lip gloss (a long time ago I learned a little bit of color can go a very long way).

What do you love about Holly & Tanager handbag?

As a working woman, I love the modern simplicity and elegant style of Holly & Tanager handbags.  The practical design helps me stay organized in a chaotic world and the quality of the material ensures the safety of all my essential items.


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