In my book, birthdays are a huge deal.  Big birthdays, you know, the kind where your age ends in a 0 or a 5, must be celebrated, commemorated and completely unforgettable.  Recently, one of my best friends, Heather, had a big birthday (while I won’t divulge her age, the number now ends in a 0 or a 5). While years ago we would party all night slurping down fishbowls at Brother Jimmy’s or throwing back pickleback shots at our favorite bar, we’ve reached an age where those days seem to be more of a distant memory than a plausible reality.

After a bit of coordinating, deliberating, and planning, Coral, Chanel, Ashley and I decided to treat Heather to Afternoon Tea at New York’s iconic Palm Court at the Plaza Hotel.  For months, we carefully schemed and methodically planned the ideal surprise for Heather, complete with the perfect gift, crystal Tiffany votives for her brand new, gorgeous Manhattan apartment.

The clueless birthday girl arrived at my apartment at 11am, beautifully dressed, as always.  We Uber’d (is that a word?) our way to 59th and 5th and walked into the glamorous hotel, showcasing dazzling chandeliers, stunning decorations, and fashion forward patrons.  Don’t think for a second I wasn’t taking mental notes on home decor while also eying up style savvy women whose pieces would soon become part of my wardrobe. Feeling intoxicated by the landmark’s seductive appeal, we made our way to the enchanting and spellbinding Palm Court.

We started with cocktails at the beautiful bar located front and center in the beautiful dining area.

Once our table was ready, we nestled into a charming booth, perused the robust menu, and ordered The New Yorker Tea, which included sandwiches, savories, scones, pastries and sweets, a variety of teas, and of course, celebratory champagne.

Though we were fully satiated, the experience was far from over.  We coordinated with the extraordinary and attentive staff at the Palm Court to surprise Heather with a birthday dessert, coupled with the iconic Tiffany blue bag, which we miraculously hid from her throughout the day.  When Heather started to cry, we knew our mission was complete. While I’m still contemplating whether hoping your BFF cries is healthy or simply sick, for now, we’ll go ahead and call it a success.

Celebrating big events in your life and the lives of your loved ones can be an arduous task and difficult to plan.  However, taking your best girls for afternoon tea at The Plaza is never a mistake!

How do you like to celebrate big birthdays?  As always, love hearing from you!


This post was sponsored in part by The Plaza Hotel and The Palm Court.  As always, all opinions are my own.




Afternoon tea just sounds luxurious! The set up looked absolutely amazing!


What a great group of friends she has! She will treasure that forever. What a gorgeous setting.


This looks like a dream! I love the overall look of your blog as well babe!!


This looks so elegant! I’ve always dreamed of visiting NYC and going to the Plaza Hotel!

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