What were you doing when you were eleven? I, for one, was moseying around the mall with my girlfriends, gossiping about cute boys, and meticulously planning slumber parties that would last all summer long.  However, not every tweenager has a one track mind. In fact, Hawaii native, Téa Megill, has other, more important things on her to-do list.  While she might be a bit nervous about starting middle school in the fall, Téa is keeping herself occupied.  

On a mission to save the elephants, this child conservationist is determined to do everything she can to help the endangered species.  She said, “One day last summer, I took a trip to the zoo with my family and I learned the elephants are on their way to extinction. I was so sad and upset and wanted to do something to help.” So, help she did.  Téa started selling lemonade last summer, and by that fall, she landed a spot at the Honolulu Zoo, where she goes every week to raise money and spread awareness.

Now, the young activist sells charm bracelets and tote bags with 100% of the proceeds going to the Elephant Crisis fund.  Téa is so ambitious, she even makes presentations at schools in Hawaii.

Like me, Téa has always had a special place in her heart for elephants.  Unlike me, she has raised almost $10,000 to date.  But, she won’t stop there. She dreams of raising a million dollars to help keep the elephants alive and well.  She told me, the elephants need to be saved because hundreds “are being killed by poachers for their ivory. And if we don’t help them soon, they could become extinct by 2025!”


Yay!! 🐘❤️ @elephantcrisisfund Thank you to my sponsors! @thehonoluluzoo @malibellacompany

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Want to help Téa save the elephants?  Donate to her fund at the zoo, or online at her webpage, www.elephantade.org.  Other ways to help this young animal advocate is simply by sharing her story and spreading awareness.

Téa’s ultimate dream is for “all of us to work together to make a difference and save this wonderful species!” And of course, she would love to visit Africa to see the African elephants. With the determination of a young Jane Goodall, I have a feeling all of Téa’s dreams will undoubtedly come true.


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Wow, what an amazing job Tea is doing. I will definitely check out her page!


An amazing cause . Will donate … keep
up the fabulous work.

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