As a Manhattanite, I never thought I’d hear the following words escape my lips: New Jersey’s where it’s at.  Turns out, I was wrong.  I used to subscribe to the idea that when it comes to spas, there’s no place like Manhattan. However, during a recent visit to re-imagined Korean bath house, SoJo Spa Club, in Edgewater, NJ, I experienced, hands down,  the most luxurious rainy summer day of my life. With over 140,000 square feet and eight floors of pools, specialty baths, saunas, treatment rooms, lounging and dining areas, not to mention a stunning rooftop garden, this SoJo seems impossible to beat.

Ryan and I were greeted warmly upon arrival.  After locking away our shoes, we were sent to separate changing rooms where we were given another locker for our belongings and found a cozy robe which would become our uniform for the day.  If there’s one thing to know about Ryan and I, well mostly Ryan, a good robe makes for a good day. After prepping for our time at the spa, Ryan and I met in a communal space and head straight for the infinity pool and rooftop gardens on floors seven and eight.  Did I mention the insane views of the city?

The heated infinity pool was exactly what we needed as it started to drizzle.  After spending too much time in the water, we watched our fingers begin to prune, and decided it was time for a change of pace.  We re-robed and made our way to the 5th floor where we enjoyed a variety of saunas including a red clay sauna, white clay sauna, Himalayan salt sauna, charcoal sauna, an ice therapy room and a relaxation room.

Who knew relaxing could build up such an appetite?  After sweating out our toxins we visited the cafe where I enjoyed a delicious poke bowl and Ryan devoured shredded chicken and soba noodles.  Needless to say, we ate every last bite.

Fully satiated, we ventured down to the fourth floor.  If we thought we’d seen it all, we were truly mistaken.  First, we enjoyed the foot massage path. The outdoor walking path included a combination of smooth, flat and rounded stones slightly submerged under shallow water, creating a natural foot reflexology massage.  I have to say, it felt pretty good on my aching arches!

The Hydrotherapy Pool was busy and lots of fun, but still extremely relaxing.  This open air pool combines heat, water and air, three of nature’s most powerful therapies.  It’s great for increasing circulation and soothing sore muscles and joints.  Multiple jets massage the body from the neck down to the calves. Ryan put his massager on high and the proof was written all over his back!

The 4th floor also features a variety of baths, each with it’s own therapeutic properties, as well as a waterfall.  From the stunning Hinoki bath to the silk bath and carbon-rich bath, my skin, body and spirit were at an all time high.

There aren’t enough wonderful things I could say about SoJo Spa Club.  Whether going with a partner, friends, or even a bachelorette party, the hotel and spa is perfect for every occasion.  Worth every penny, be sure to check it out immediately!


*Note: If coming from Manhattan, be sure to book the complimentary shuttle to and from SoJo ahead of time.





What time is the next shuttle . I want to be on it .


That place looks so amazing! Great photos 🙂

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