How to Make the Best of Homebound Snow Days

We’re just over a month into winter, and yet we all seem to be #OverIt.  As the sparkling, ceremonial ball dropped over a near arctic Times Square, temperatures fell to 10 degrees (-12c), making 2018 the coldest New Year’s Eve in over 100 years.  In the days since then, New Yorkers have seen continuous below … Continue Reading

Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Every year I feel determined to get my holiday shopping done early, however as a professional procrastinator, my master plan is always thwarted and I have yet to experience a stress-free December.  Despite my true efforts, running around at the last minute has become an unwelcome tradition, as I scour stores, brick and mortar, and … Continue Reading

‘Tis The Season of Giving

“The Season of Giving” has arrived, and as we happily spoil our family and loved ones with tokens of appreciation, it is also important to remember to give back.  Of course, we all have a budget, but every penny or volunteer hour counts.  There are many causes I feel passionate about, and every year, I … Continue Reading

Black Friday Starts Now

Get a head start on your Black Friday shopping today.  We have Outerwear under $100, Knits & Sweaters under $50, Hats & Scarves under $25, and more!  Don’t forget to use the arrows to the right of each section to view the complete list.  Happy shopping! xoxo, OUTERWEAR & FAUX FUR UNDER $100 KNITS & … Continue Reading

24 Hours: New Hope, PA

A little over five years ago, Ryan suddenly pulled over to the side of the road, parking in a deserted field of grass.  With a sense of urgency, he swiftly exited the car while I sat in the passenger seat, concerned we were experiencing a muffler problem (is that a thing?). The next thing I … Continue Reading

A Little Color Goes a Long Way

I’m not the type of person who sets aside an hour each morning to get ready for work.  Instead, I set my alarm to afford me 20 minutes to get out the door.  This includes getting dressed (usually picking an outfit the night before), brushing my teeth, doing my hair, and making my face presentable. … Continue Reading

Charleston for First-Timers

Summer is for sunning at the beach, traveling, romantic sunsets and all-around relaxation.  This summer, however, was my busiest yet.  With little time to enjoy the perks that come with summer’s sunshine, I thought the season would be lost on me completely.  However, when Ryan and I miraculously found time to take a long weekend … Continue Reading

Pearls Just Wanna Have Fun

Jackie Kennedy said it right, “Pearls are Always Appropriate.”  While you will likely never find me with a delicate strand of pearls resting daintily along my collarbone, I am loving the current trend of pearl embellishments on clothing and accessories, finding them both charming and chic.  Below are some of my favorite examples of this … Continue Reading

Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Guide

I’m a daddy’s girl.  The youngest of three, and his only daughter, our bond is unbreakable.  When I was born, he was in shock, fearing his new son was missing an essential body part. As he quickly realized his baby boy was actually a girl, he cried, tears of joy, of course.  As a colicky … Continue Reading

Working Out the Workout

“Shelby, don’t say that, that’s a bad word and forbidden in my household,” my mother told me as a child.  As I grew up, like all of us (well, most of us) do, I was taught what words were universally “bad.”  However, as an adult, I realized there were additional words and phrases that would be … Continue Reading